Thoughts of a (Slightly) Frustrated Australian Nurse

Dear fellow nurses,

I have wanted to say this for a long time. Publishing it on my blog is a great idea. Btw, I am starting this blog to raise awareness of something that is, unfortunately, very often a part of a nurse’s life.

I am an Australian registered nurse. I plan to embark on a great adventure, namely travelling to the UK and spending a year working at NHS hospitals. Exciting and scary. Not in a bad way, though. Just unknown. I have not been abroad yet, so it is a bit unnerving. I will survive it, though, lol. So that’s that.

Nurses and Workplace Violence

Australian Travel Nurse Working in the UK

The reason I am typing on my laptop right now, however, is slightly different from a young RN’s travelling adventures.

First of all, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt support and admiration for all of you who work tirelessly at the front of healthcare. It is inspiring to know so many of you dedicate a huge chunk of your life to helping needy patients. I am truly grateful to be a part of that wonderful community.

But…unfortunately, we face issues of concern. Our mental and physical health at stake.

Workplace violence. Far too many of us have experienced it firsthand.

I can’t even begin to express my anger and frustration when I think about the nurses who have been verbally and physically abused, threatened, or assaulted while simply trying to do their jobs. It is a grave injustice and an unacceptable violation of our basic human rights.

Therefore I am dedicating a big part of my blogging time and space to raising awareness about this issue. I will try and help my fellow nurses with anything I can along my journey in this noble profession. I am only young and inexperienced, but I know right from wrong. I will do my best to blog and blog, and blog until these nasty occurrences are eradicated from our profession.

I know I sound a bit hyped up but… why not? I am willing to keep raising awareness until kingdom come, or else.

Now, rant over, I need to get my journey plan in check. First, get in touch with a recruitment agency that finds work placements for travel nurses in the UK. That would be an easy task – Google, here I come, lol.

Yours truly,

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